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Homerow keeps you focused on your work by making everything else fast, effortless, and ergonomic.
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Here's how it works

Hint-mode lets you click on buttons & menus, focus on text fields, and switch windows, entirely with the keyboard. 

This is done by generating dynamic shortcuts for on-screen UI elements.
icon of the mac command symbol

Activate Hint-mode

⌘ + F by default.
⌘ + G is for visible windows!
icon of the shortcut fj

Type Shortcut Text

You can also prefix with R, C, D, S, or O to Right-click, Command-click, Double-click, Shift-click, or Option-click respectively.
icon of a moving cursor

A click is performed immediately

Now you have performed a mouse click without lifting your hands off the keyboard.

...and you can scroll too.

Read web articles, Slack messages, and PDFs with Scroll-mode.
icon of the mac command symbol

Activate Scroll-mode

⌘ + J by default.
H J K L keys with vim scroll directions associated with them

Scroll with HJKL keys

Scroll just like in Vim. Shift-J and Shift-K scroll down and up by half-page respectively.
icon of the tab key

Switch scroll view with Tab

Scrolling multi-pane applications like Preview has never been so easy.

Works with your favourite apps

Homerow works with both native Mac apps and Electron apps.
Grid of apps Homerow works with
...and more.

Take your workflows to the next level!

macOS 10.14 Mojave or later required

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